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Henry Moore R.A (1831-1895)

By 1891 when this picture was painted, Moore was well established as Britain's foremost painter of the sea. Indeed, as the late Christopher Wood wrote....

David Alison R.S.A; R.P (1882-1955)

David Alison was a leading Scottish artist of portraits and interiors, who studied at Glasgow School of Art, where he won two travelling scholarships (the Haldane and Carnegie) for further study in Paris and Italy....

John Wilson Carmichael (1800-1868)

Carmichael was a Newcastle-born artist, who exhibited principally in his home town at the Northern Academy of Arts, but also widely at the Royal Academy and elsewhere....

Beatrice How (1867-1932)

Julia Beatrice How was the only Englishwoman ever to become a full member of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts ...

William Shackleton NEAC (1872-1933)

Peace Parade, Hyde Park 1926

Shackleton was a figure apart in the history of 20th C British art, producing idiosyncratic ...

Sir David Muirhead Bone NEAC, RWS (1876-1953)

Hills of Perugia

Bone established an international reputation as an architectural draughtsman and etcher ...

John William Wright OWS (1802-1848)

The Love Letter

John William Wright was the son of a miniature painter and was apprenticed ...
The Fawn and the Foxglove by Henry Moore
Henry Moore R.A (not to be confused with the 20th century sculptor of the same name) was one of the most significant painters of the Victorian period...
Still Life with Grapes and Plums. Eloise Harriet Stannard

Talbot Hughes ROI PS (1869-1942) .Sold

Still Life and self portrait

Talbot Hughes was the son of still-life painter...

On a Studio Mantelpiece (Self-Portrait), 1917,
Adrian Allinson RA (1890-1959) .Sold

Adrian Allinson was a prominent and talented member of the great Slade

Pre- Raphaelite Triptych -
Frederick Weekes (1833-1920) .Sold

The painter Frederick Weekes was an acknowledged expert on medieval costume

Joseph Murray Ince (1806-1859) .Sold

Ince was a pupil of Cox at Hereford between 1822 and 1826, but

'Lake Vista in the Oberland' ,
Adrian Allinson (1890-1959) .Sold

Allinson was educated at the Slade after dropping out of medical school

Oil on board. 'Ayrshire Glen' -
Arthur Hughes, c.1895..Sold

Pre-Raphaelite painter, Arthur Hughes, retired to the London suburbs
Springer Spaniel with Rabbit by Richard Ansdell . Sold
Richard Ansdell's vivid and unsparing painting of a springer spaniel performing its working duty, is typical of the artist's unsentimental and practical approach...
William Tasker 1808-52 .Sold
William Tasker's paintings record the sporting scene of the North West of the 1840s with great charm and authenticity...
Steamer on the Far Horizon by Henry Moore . Sold
Henry Moore is one of the finest maritime painters in the history of British art, but in most of his paintings, you have to look pretty hard to find the boat...

A Street in Chelsea, C.1920 -
Paul Lucien Maze (1887-1979) . Sold

Paul Lucien Maze, born in Le Havre in 1887, first came to the attention of the British art scene after the First World war, exhibiting with other French artists

Great War Seascape c.1917, C.R.W. Nevinson (1889-1946) .Sold

Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson began his turbulent artistic life as
'Moonrise' by William S. Rose (1810-73) .Sold
This charming little oil was painted by the distinguished Kentish artist, William Rose, to commemorate the first birthday of his niece, Adelaide Hubberty...

Portrait of a Lady, c.1918 -
Frank T.Copnall 1870-1948 . Sold

Frank Thomas Copnall was a turn-of-the-century and early twentieth

Spring Idyll -
Charles Sims RA RWS (1873-1928) . Sold

Charles Sims spent most of his painting career as a conventional landscape
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