(Enlarged Photo)


Study for 'The Musician' - model, Milly Jones

Graphite, signed with anthemion, on dark brown paper

The neo-classical artist, Albert Moore, was 'the only painter in England that Whistler considered great', according to their contemporary, Graham Robertson. Part of the reason for Whistler's admiration was Moore's seriousness, which expressed itself in an almost fanatical degree of preparation. Every oil painting was preceded by a host of preparatory studies in pencil and watercolour. Each figure would be delineated nude, draped, single and in groups; initially as individuals with particular facial features and then as idealised figures. The distinctive facial features of the model in this study suggest Milly Jones, a professional model used by both Moore and Whistler in the mid-1860s. The posture and hair style is also suggestive of the reclining figure in 'The Musician'.
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